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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A brief visit to Varkala

My first day in Kerala got off to a hectic start because my flight to Trivandrum was delayed 3 hours. But I ended up hiring a taxi and driving about an hour north to Varkala. I could have taken the train, but I wasn't sure of the schedule and didn't want to dilly dally since I only had a little bit of time.

Visiting Varkala brought me back to my backpacker roots, and that felt good. Varkala is a seaside town set atop a dramatic cliff. There are two beaches -- one is a white sand beach and one is a black sand beach. It's pretty idyllic.

There's a little path along the cliff that is lined with hippie Tibetan stores and restaurants galore. All of the restaurants are famous for their fresh seafood.

Once I arrived in Varkala, I checked into my little hut at the Bamboo Village:

But then I was free to go grab a mojito at the Funky Art Cafe, which is clearly the coolest joint in town these days. Here's a really attractive picture of me 'relaxing'. I can't believe I'm even putting this on my blog... I can't believe this is what I look like when I use a straw.

That night I went out for what would have been a romantic candlelight dinner if Matt had been along, but instead was just a yummy candlelit dinner. I chose the Sun Shine cafe, which is at the very end of the cliff path, because it had a nice ambiance. It turns out it's only a couple of months old and is run by 2 recent college grads from Varkala. I had tea with one of the owners and learned all about the business.

Influenced by my surroundings (i.e., tons of early 20s backpackers in identical Indian shirts, pants, and bandannas), I also purchased some Indian ankle bracelets and leather thongs. As they say, when in Varkala...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so an interesting sidenote to your straw picture (which by the way was great:)...i believe the lady in the picture over your left shoulder is a well known guru that goes by the name of the hugging saint amachi. it looks like her and she has a very big ashram in the bay area. she is known for having enormous gatherings in stadiums where she proceeds to hug every single person that comes to the gathering (often tens of thousands of people a day).

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