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Friday, November 24, 2006

Okra for dinner

I know all my posts are about eating, but that's kind of my life. We were joking today about how odd it is that every weekend we arrange for drivers to pick us up and bring us to fancy hotel restaurants. I can't imagine this being my social life back in Les Etats Unis.

Tonight it was the tiki-inspired Marriot. Matt, we'll have to go there when you visit. Lots of Easter Island-esque rock decor and torches everywhere. Kind of looked like the set of Survivor.

As with most Indian hotels, it had a lavish buffet. Here's Emily with a custard fruit, one of the more fascinating examples of local produce:

Here's the whole group:

The rest of this weekend will be busy. Tomorrow I'm going sari shopping for the holiday party (also at the Marriot), and on Sunday I'm off to Mumbai. Hope it goes better than last time!



Blogger Alcuin Bramerton said...

Well, yes indeed. We all hope that. It could hardly be worse, I think.

10:49 AM

Blogger Kristina said...

Ahh, the Tiki Bar brings back memories of SF where we first met Matt!

9:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was there when you bought that shirt (thats the memory I got from this entry) I was super annoyed because you wanted to go to the GAP and I wanted to go to the beach or something

2:59 AM


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